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Wellhead Protection Program

Wellhead Protection Program & Potential Contaminants



The Washington State Department of Health requires all public water system owners/operators to protect the water system and water supply.  A "Wellhead Protection Program" is part of these requirements.  The maps, which can be found to the right of this paragraph, show the Wellhead Protection Area for each well.  The outer most circle around the well is the area of an influence by the well over a 10 year period.  That is to say it is the distance the around water will travel in a 10 year period to reach the well.  Each area is determined by the well construction, amount of water pumped and the open interval in the well that water is drawn from.  Our goal is to inform our customers of potential contaminants within the Wellhead Protection Area of each well so that we can work together in keeping our community water system safe and reliable. 


The potential contaminants source identified in the Wellhead Protection Area are:

    - Gas Stations

    - Individual Wells

    - Irrigation

    - Septic Tanks

    - Pesticide and Fertilizer Applications


Please review the maps to determine if you have any of the above potential contaminant sources on your property and if you are within a Wellhead Protection Area. 

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